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On Programming Languages:

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On Weak Memory Models:

R. Morisset, F. Zappa Nardelli: Partially Redundant Fence Elimination for x86, ARM and Power processors, in CC'17. [web]

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More resources on the project web-page.

On Security:

G. Richards, C. Hammer, F. Zappa Nardelli, S. Jagannathan, J. Vitek: Flexible Access Control for Javascript, in OOPSLA 13. [.pdf]

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On Tool Support for Semantics:

S. Owens, P. Böhm, F. Zappa Nardelli, P. Sewell: Lightweight Tools for Heavyweight Semantics, in ITP 2011. [.pdf]

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Check the Ott web page and download the current version: 0.25.

On Process Languages:

M. Merro, F. Zappa Nardelli: Behavioral Theory for Mobile Ambients, Journal of the ACM, Vol. 52, No. 6, 2005. [.pdf] This supersedes the preliminary version available as INRIA Research Report RR-5375, November 2004, and the articles Behavioural Theory for Mobile Ambients, appeared in IFIP TCS, 2004, and Bisimulation Proof Methods for Mobile Ambients, Technical Report COGS 2003:1, an extended abstract appeared in ICALP 2003, LNCS 2719 [.ps.gz]. A not-so-short extended abstract of the latter is also available. [.ps.gz].

G. Winskel, F. Zappa Nardelli: new-HOPLA: a Higher-Order Process Language with Name Generation, BRICS RS-04-21. An extended abstract appeared in IFIP TCS, 2004 (also available as UCAM-CL-TR-589).

G. Castagna, J. Vitek, F. Zappa Nardelli: The Seal Calculus, Information and Computation, Volume 201, Issue 1, 2005, [.pdf] . This supersedes the articles by G. Castagna, F. Zappa Nardelli: The Seal Calculus Revisited: Contextual Equivalences and Bisimilarity, in FSTTCS 2002, LNCS 2556, [.ps.gz] and by G. Castagna, G. Ghelli, F. Zappa Nardelli: Typing Mobility in the Seal Calculus, in Concur 2001, LNCS. [.ps.gz]


My HDR memoir on Reasoning between Programming Languages and Architectures, 2013.

My PhD thesis on the Semantics of Higher-Order Processes, Université Paris 7, 2003.

My master thesis on type systems for Process Calculi, University of Pisa, 2000.

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