Strong Static Typing and Advanced Functional Programming

Lectures given at the Bertinoro International Spring School for graduate students in computer science, 2005.

Based on F. Pottier and X. Leroy's course on "Typage et programmation", DEA Programmation.

The solution is due on 30 May 2005, 6pm. Send me by email or by snail-mail your solution to the exercises; send me by email a tarred and compressed copy of the directory tcc/*, containing the solutions to the programming exercises. I'd like to keep a list of the students interested in this exam, so that, if any problem arises, I can quickly get in touch with all of you. So, please, let me know by email if you plan to solve the exam.

This exam is supposed to be a complement to the lectures. Whenever you do not understand one question, or you do not see how to proceed, feel free to explain me the problem you have: I will be happy to provide guidance and hints. I will also keep an updated FAQ below.

I am grateful to Gilles Peskine and to Luc Maranget for their comments, and to James Leifer for double-checking my hopeless English prose.


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