Some GODI Packages

Below you will find several source packages I built for the GODI package system.

DISCLAIMER: these packages come with no warranty, not even of any kind. Also, some of these packages may be obsolete. Check the main GODI distribution for up-to-date versions.

HOWTO: unpack the package in the build/apps/ subdirectory (in the build/godi subdirectory if you install ocamlsdl) of your GODI installation; run godi_console, select the relevant package for build and install, and start the installation.

IMPORTANT: the godi-sdl-0.7.1 package is uncompatible with the official GODI godi-ocamlsdl-0.6.3. Remove the godi-ocamlsdl-0.6.3 package before installing. The main purpose of this package is to quickly disseminate a set of patches to ocamlsdl-0.7.1 to make it build and work properly on Mac Os X. For several reasons, ocaml applications that use the sdl library must be linked in custom mode.

REMARK: if you install the ocamlweb package, then remember to update your $TEXINPUTS environment variable as explained in the build message.

If you have comments on these packages, please, feel free to contact me.

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