Equipes Associées MM

The Joint-Teams MM is an ongoing collaboration between members of the Moscova project-team and members of the Peter Sewell's group at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge.

The collaboration is partially funded by the INRIA Equipes associées program.

Members - Moscova project-team: Francesco Zappa Nardelli (CR), Luc Maranget (CR), Jade Alglave (PhD student, 2007-2010), Thomas Braibant (Master student, 2008), Yingjie XU (Master student, 2010).

Members - Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge: Peter Sewell, Suresh Jagannathan (visiting, 2010), Jaroslav Sevcik (RA), Viktor Vafeiadis (RA), Scott Owens (RA), Susmit Sarkar (RA), Mark Batty (PhD student).

The aim of the project is to develop mathematically rigorous and usable semantics for multiprocessor programs, focussing on three architectures: x86 (Intel 64/IA-32 and AMD64), Power, and ARM; to develop techinques to analyse concurrent programs running on top of such architectures; to study verified compilation from high-level languages to such architectures.

A poster gives an overview of the domain and of the challenges.

A separate web-page (hosted by our partner) describes in detail the scientific achievements of this project.