If you meet me in Paris, I will probably look like this or this. But life is ailleurs, out there...

Some photos:

  • bouldering in Bleau (France, 2009-2013);
  • ski-mountaneering in the Oberland (Switzerland, May 2009);
  • ski-mountaneering in the Hautes-Alpes (France, December 2009): part 1 and part 2;
  • ski-mountaneering in Val di Bellino (Italy, March 2010);
  • wandering in South Corsica (April 2010);
  • ski-mountaneering in the Oisans (France, December 2010);
  • ski-mountaneering in Haute Ubaye (France/Italy, February 2011);
  • climbing in the Aravis (France, July 2011);
  • climbing in Orpierre (France, May 2012).

Also, check out the works by Lorena Huertas and the music of Federico Casagrande and Romain Pilon.

Mi fanno male quelli che dicono che il pesce grosso mangia quello piccolo; mi piacerebbe metterli nella vaschetta delle balene.